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MOXIE HOUND opened its doors with a mission to feed animal lovers’ needs. Our dedication to customers’ animals is why we hand pick and research every item stocked in our shop, allowing customers to be at ease when making a purchase. Stop by and browse our selection of top-quality pet supplies. With that goal, we want you to have your gear protected.

Limited Lifetime Warranty for

Collars and Leashes ONLY 

(Bandanas and Scarves are included)

Our collars and leashes are backed by our limited lifetime warranty. If for any reason the working parts of the collar or leash fail to operate to the full function due to normal wear and tear, we can repair the damaged piece. The buyer will be responsible for shipping the item to Moxie Hound and paying for the return shipping. 

Custom collars with crystals or other special items cannot be repaired due to damage caused by any wear and tear. 

AustiaAlpin (Cobra) Buckles will be replaced only if the damaged is determined to meet fault of the company, or abnormal function. 

All requests for repair need to be made by submitting to us a request for repair via our contact form, and give us full detail about what is wrong with your item. We will be happy to assist you further from there! 

All repairs are open to our inspection and review. We are not liable for misuse of our products.

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