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Please measure the circumference of your pets neck. Be sure to allow for a few extra inches to be added to unsure that the scarf/bandana will have room to be tied. Please also account for extra room if your pet is extra fluffy.

Luxe Bandanas 

Extra Small 10" x 10" square, 14" on the diagonal fold (Fits neck up to 8")

Small 12" x 12" square, 16" on the diagonal fold (Fits neck up to 10")

Medium 16" x 16" square, 22" on the diagonal fold (Fits neck up to 14")

Large 20" x 20" square, 28" on the diagonal fold (Fits neck up to 19")

Extra Large  22" x 22" square, 32" on the diagonal fold (Fits neck up to 23")

*If your pet falls on the end of a size, please strongly consider sizing up to the next size.

*If the size your pet needs is not listed, please contact us for a custom order. Additional charges may apply.

Infinity Scarves

Sizing Guide will be updated 


Please measure the circumference around the thickest point of your pets neck. Allow room for 1-2 fingers to fit underneath the measuring tape. This is to ensure that the collar will not be too tight. Note the measurement, and decide pick the collar size with the measurement that will allow that measurement to be in the middle hole of the collar.

*Please ensure that the collar is measured to fit on the center point of the collar.

For example:

If you pup measures 16 inches - Collar Size - 14-18 Inches will fit best.

You want your pets collar to fit below their ears, but not too far down their neck. This is to ensure that the collar will not pull over their head.


10-14 Inches

14-18 Inches

18-22 Inches

22-26 Inches

13-17 Inches

17-21 Inches

21-25 Inches

*Custom - Please Contact us we will be happy to work with you.

Additional charges may apply.

Disclaimer: All products should be inspected regularly for proper fit, and wear and tear. We are not responsible for damage caused by your pet.

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