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From $15.99

Where the land meets the sea! 

The Intertidal Collection™ is where the the tidal zone comes to meet the sand...the place where we take our pets for walks and to play. Which is why we named our collection after this part of the  coastal environment. So go ahead and play in the sun, surf, and sand!

This Collection features Biothane collars with your choice of Solid Brass hardware or Stainless Steel hardware. This is to improve longevity of your collar, and is important if you spend time around water.

Our Biothane® Collars and Leashes are the perfect product for you and your pet to go from stylish city needs to adventure ready!™ They are waterproof, stink proof, dirt proof, stylish, vegan, animal friendly, look like and feel like leather, durable, and adventure ready! Whether you love the ocean, lake, snow, or just a walk in the city during a rainy night, this stylish product is for you! Or if you are a tough on your gear, need a product that can be as tough as you and your dog kind of product - then this is for you!

Caring for a pet can be a challenge, so we like to stock our shelves with products that make it easier. Count on us to offer your pet one of our top quality Leashes. Establishing the perfect environment for your animal doesn’t have to break the bank. Our stylish Leashes get the job done with exceptional attention to detail and a price that’s right.

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